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Prairie State Canoeists

A Northeast Illinois Canoe and Kayak Club

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Prairie State Canoeists is a kayak and canoe club that engages in recreational, social, and educational activities in the promotion and pursuit of canoeing and kayaking. Activities include day, weekend, and week-long trips and a range of paddling classes. Related activities include the establishment, maintenance, and preservation of canoe trails and natural water courses, and the conservation of natural resources. 

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Prairie State Canoeists (PSC) was established in 1971, which makes it one of the country's longest established paddling focused clubs. While membership was highest in the mid-90's, PSC is still one of the largest paddling focused organizations with approximately 500 family memberships. Most members live in the Chicagoland area; there are 100-150 trips a year on rivers and lakes, mostly in the mid-west. Day-trips are very common, but multi-day trips add camping opportunities in the area as well. 


Winter, Spring and Fall meetings are held each year for the purpose of electing officers and directors, transacting Club business, and planning the year's activities.  This is also a great place to socialize with other members and trade paddling and river experiences.


A majority of our trips are within a 100 mile radius of Chicago, in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area.  We also travel to northern Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa, with some adventuresome paddlers venturing as far away as Arkansas and Missouri.  Most of our trips are one-day outings; a few are week-long canoeing/camping trips. Kayaking has become as popular as canoeing among our members.  

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What PSC IS NOT...

Prairie State Canoeists does NOT provide equipment on trips.  We also do not allow alcohol while on the river.

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