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Prairie State Canoeists

A Northeast Illinois Canoe and Kayak Club


PSC follows current Illinois State COVID guidelines.

There are various types of events on the PSC Event Schedule.  Events can include:

- Day paddle trips on local Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin rivers or lakes.

- Weekend base camping trips (typically in Wisconsin or Michigan), where you set up camp once and drive short trips to the local rivers in that area.

- Weeklong river camping trips (again typically in Wisconsin or Michigan), where you take all your camping gear with you in your boat. Camping is usually on sandbars or at sites located along the river you are paddling.  This requires a lot more planning since you can't run to the store to buy stuff.

-Instructional events.  Everything from beginner lessons to more advanced rescue classes.  Please note: Prairie State Canoeists policy is that no refunds will be given for class registrations, unless the class is cancelled by Prairie State Canoeists.

- Social events.  During the 'off season', there may be local get togethers at a restaurant.

You can see all Events in the  Event List or Events Calendar views.

Sign In Sheets

Leaders can download the Event Sign-In Sheet and edit it to add the trip details and the participants names then print it.  Make sure that the participant name is legible. It helps our Tally Keeper with being able to keep accurate recording of PSC event participation and building the PSC Tally.

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