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Prairie State Canoeists

A Northeast Illinois Canoe and Kayak Club

Tell us about it!  

So you attended a PSC Event....and want to share the experience with others?  You don't have be the leader to do it!  We want to hear from anyone/everyone!  The format is simple and the level of detail is up to you....but remember, details are a good thing when talking about rivers and paddling!

Please include the Date / Event as the Title of your Topic...Some other things to include: (You can copy and paste this list into your 'topic' then add the details.):

  • The 'Story':
  • Put in directions:  
  • Directions to Takeout:  
  • Special Contacts/Arrangements:  
  • Water level (gauge/reading):  
  • Weather Conditions:  
  • Anything Else?:   
Any member can share their experiences of attending an event...
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