Prairie State Canoeists

A canoe and Kayak Club founded in 1971

"Connecting paddlers through safe and fun group events"

Because of COVD-19 changes, PSC will not be awarding points for event participation for the foreseeable future.  We understand that some members will be joining events and others will choose not to join out of concern/priority for their safety and that of others; suspending point awards provides equal recognition to the choices made by members. We will continue to track event participation.

The PSC Events Tally

You can see the list of Events recorded so far in the Tally in the PSC Events Tally file.

You can see the list of members and the points they have earned so far during the season in the PSC Member Tally file.

What is the PSC Tally all about? 

The PSC Tally was created by the original members and leaders.  It serves many purposes...

  • It helps track the activity of the club from year to year with details such as...who, what, where and when
  • It helps provide a way to recognize the individuals who 
      • contribute and support (lead/facilitate) club activities 
      • support and promote the club values/focus
      • encourage member participation
      • attend events
  • It uses a points system that puts emphasis on the club values and purpose by awarding a higher level of points for activities that promote environmental awareness and paddling skills - Clean Ups and Instruction - as shown in the table below

Participation Level

Points per day


Participant (Paddler)


 Points are not awarded for Social, Planning and Meeting Events



(Includes all members of the Leader and Co-Leader households in attendance)

Clean Up Participant (Paddler)



Clean Up Leader


(Includes all members of the Leader and Co-Leader households in attendance)

Training - Student or Aide*



Training - Instructor*



Training Event - Leader*


An additional 20 points are awarded to the person who handles the organization and paperwork (for the ACA registration and reporting)

*Points awarded for Training Events were revised in January 2014 to emphasize training as an important club activity

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