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Lake Mohawksin Weekend

  • 2024-06-14
  • 2024-06-17
  • Lake Mohawksin, Tomahawk, WI
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Date(s):  Friday, June 14 - Monday, June 17, 2024
 Russell Block

Location: Lake Mohawksin, Tomahawk, WI

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner
Category:  Weekend camping/paddle trips

Details: Like my Hidden Gems lake trips, this is usually a slow and easy flat-water paddle, with much wildlife to be seen. Unlike my Hidden Gems lake trips, this is a HUGE lake (over 1,500 acres). There are extremely large open-water areas. And, the lake is usually very busy with motorboat traffic, water skiers, and fishermen in the Summer. As such, we will follow the shoreline around the lake.One of my favorite places to kayak and fish, I have been paddling this lake for over 30 years.

This is not a normal Hidden Gems lake day trip. But, definitely a gem unknown to most of us Illinoisans. Lake Mohawksin is named for the convergence of the Somo, Tomahawk, and Wisconsin Rivers. Four dams regulate the depth of the water year-round. There is never a water level issue here.

We will be base camping at the Sara Park Campground, in Tomahawk Wisconsin, right at the river’s edge, only steps away from the put-in.This is a 4 to 5-hour drive from the Chicago area, depending on your location. Reservations have been made in advance for 3 nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As such, I am requesting $10 each to cover the cost of the campground. We have been given camping site #1, near the beach. The campsite has electric and water, with nearby bathrooms and showers.

We will arrive at the campsite Friday afternoon/evening to setup. Over the course of the next 2 days, Saturday & Sunday, we plan to circumnavigate the lake and parts of the Wisconsin, Tomahawk, and Somo Rivers. We will paddle to and from 3 of the 4 dams that make up the lake. Each day we will paddle roughly 10 miles, with a lunch break around midday. As this is a scenic trip, and depending upon our stamina, I figure we will be on the water for 4, or 5 hours each day.In the evenings, we can eat in camp, or have our pick of local restaurants. Many of which are within walking distance of our campsite. My particular favorite is the local Friday night fish fry.

Paddlers MUST bring their own boat, paddle(s), PFD and tent. Plus, food and any other gear you feel you may need to spend 3 nights at the campground, and 2 days on the water. At a minimum, I highly advise bringing a hat, sunscreen and an extra set of clothes to be carried with you in a dry-bag while on the water.

There is no requirement to stay the entire 3 days. If you need to arrive late, and/or leave early, this is okay.

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