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  • St. Patrick's Day Chicago River Paddle

St. Patrick's Day Chicago River Paddle

  • 2019-03-16
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Chicago River, South Branch


Date:  March 16, 2019  
 John Chase 
Location:  Chicago River, South Branch
Skill Level:  Advanced
Details:  This trip is for advanced paddlers in a fun, yet challenging environment.

We will meet at a location two miles south of downtown along the Chicago River's south branch. After assessing and discussing personal readiness, our group will travel up the river to the Main Stem where we will encounter boat traffic and thousands of revelers as we experience the river being dyed green.

This is a cold water trip in an environment with very few accessible bailout options. There is no opportunity to exit your boat to the shore during this trip. For your safety and the safety of all others on the trip, all participants must wear a drysuit (splashwear or wetsuits will be not be accepted) and be prepared for travel in tight quarters with significant recreational and commercial boat traffic.

All boats must have adequate flotation. Please note that recreational kayaks without either sealed bulkheads at the bow and stern or inflated float bags will not be adequate and will not be allowed to join the trip. 

We will park and launch from a casual restaurant. It is customary to make a purchase from the establishment and enjoy post-paddle conversation with your friends following the trip. Please be prepared to join us.

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