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Kishwaukee River Cleanup

  • 2016-07-16
  • 8:30 AM
  • Kishwaukee River Belvidere to Distillery Landing


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  July 16, 2016
Leader:   Mark Morrall
Co-Leader:   Merri Morrall
Location:  Kishwaukee River
Skill Level:  Beginner
Category:  Cleanup
Come join us cleanup a favorite section of the Kishwaukee River, Belvidere to Distillery Landing. This is our annual cooperative effort with the Boone County Conservation District. We paddlers owe a world of thanks to the BCCD for keeping this section of river safe from development, free flowing, and wild. Let's do our part to help. Please give me a holler if you are coming so I have an idea on group size.

Be at Hickory Bill's canoe landing on Appleton Road by 8:30, we'll get on the water at 9:00 and the best thing; no car shuttle! The BCCD will have a transport van parked at the end and they will drive us all back to our vehicles after the trip. Then all we have to do is drive back and pick up our boats. In the past, after we're all loaded up, we've stopped at nearby Smokin' Coops BBQ. They have the very best ribs and pulled pork in the Midwest.


Frequently asked questions:

> "I've never been on a clean-up before. What can I expect?" Clean-up trips are by far the most fun we have on the water. If you're not laughing and having a good time, you're not doing it right. :)

> "I have a small kayak, how can I be of help?" You can still be a huge help! There will be plenty of big canoes that will be happy to haul out the trash you pick up.

> "Will I get dirty?" Yup! You'll likely get muddy, spiderwebs in your hair, dripping with sweat, and at the end, be darn proud of it.

> "How much trash is in this stretch of the river? Will we be hauling out refrigerators and such?" Nope, the Kish is surprisingly clean mostly due to this annual clean-up. The trash usually consists of bottles, cans, plastic bags, an occasional tire, and maybe a creepy headless doll.

> "Is it dangerous at all?" Not really. At the low summer water levels the current is slow and manageable  even for beginners. The only real danger would be cuts from handling trash. SO WEAR GLOVES.

> "About how long will it take?" Usually it takes around three hours.

> "Is there anything special I need to bring along?" Water, PFD, gloves, maybe a snack, and a grabber of some sort to help grab trash out of deadfall. This can be as simple as a broomstick with a bent piece of wire duct taped to the end.

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