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Boundary Waters Trip

  • 2016-08-20
  • 2016-08-27
  • Ely, MN

This is not a PSC trip. You will not earn PSC points if you attend this event. Also the organizers are not responsible for following PSC safety guidelines.

Date(s): August 20 - 27, 2016  
   Robert Faber
Location:  Ely, MN
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Category: Wilderness Camping 
Details: It's a definite go for this trip. We have secured all of the needed permits and reservations. We will be driving up to Ely, Minnesota on Saturday, 8-20, and putting in at Lake One early in the morning on Sunday, 8-21. We will take out on Moose Lake on Friday, 8-26 and drive back to Chicago on 8-27. Your transportation from the Chicago area and reservations in Ely for the nights of 8-20 and 8-26 are included as is all the gear, canoes, food, tents, except for your personal gear. Don't miss this chance for the dream trip of every paddler. Last year’s trip came off beautifully. We paddled over 50 miles with 25 portages in six days and raised over $13,000 for Chicago Voyagers to help at risk teens get outdoors, and, we plan to do it again next year. The participants ranged in age from the mid 60s to about 30 years old, and all but the leaders were making their first Boundary Waters trip. It seems nearly every outdoor person dreams of a trip to the Boundary Waters, thousands of wilderness acres for the canoeist. Many don't make it due to the cost of outfitted, guided trips, or the lack of comfort of heading out without experienced trippers in the group. Well, here is your chance. Chicago Voyagers is organizing a weeklong trip to the Boundary Waters at half the cost of a guided trip. It will be a fund raising adventure for CV, and led by experienced BWCA paddlers. Participants will be expected to raise additional donations via friends and family and social networks. Guided trips costs around $1,000 per person, and we are charging each participant $500, plus asking you to fund raise. Novice or old pros are both welcome. I have paddled comparable routes to what we will take with both over 55 adult groups and inner city teens with no experience. You need to be in decent physical condition, and be able to tote a 50# pack or canoe over portages between 1/2 and 1/10 mile. CV will supply any needed training before going and the group gear as well. We will have at least one paddling session on a local lake to practice canoe rescues and other safety issues. We will be paddling lightweight Kevlar canoes supplied by an outfitter. It will be eight days, with six days on the water. A typical six day trip will be as many as 50+ miles paddles and up to 20 portages, but don't let these numbers deter you. It can be easily done with a little planning, and will allow for plenty of time to swim, fish, hike or just relax. The final group will be limited to 9 total paddlers, since this is the BWCA group size limit. Reservations are already made in Ely for the night before paddling out and the night before returning to Chicago as well. If you are not experienced in wilderness canoeing, you will be learning things like navigation with map and compass, leave no trace, and portaging skills. By responding yes, you are not actually committing to the trip, just expressing interest. When you respond yes, I will send you additional information on the details later this fall, so you can begin thinking about the trip. No commitment is needed until March 2016.  

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