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Here you will find news on topics related to paddlers in general...access, non-club events, kayak, canoe, etc.  If you have something you would like to contribute or have added here, please contact our News Editors

  • 2021-07-04 12:55 PM | Website Admin3 (Administrator)

    Covid-19’s impact on our world has been unprecedented in so many ways. While there’s plenty of bad news from this pandemic, there’s also some good news that came out of it—millions of people have rediscovered nature and the outdoors.

    Because of social distancing, stay-near-home guidelines and simply to avoid going stir-crazy, folks have been getting outside in record numbers over the past year. That’s continued into 2021 and, if current stats have anything to say about it, won’t stop in the next few months.

    The paddling industry and many other outdoor niches have exploded in popularity because of this...

    ...The number of people introduced to paddling for the first time has been extremely high. Individuals, couples and families have all discovered this new way to get outside that’s fun and has built-in social distancing.

    The thing that’s been most exciting for the industry is that the small specialty retailers—the brick-and-mortar Mom-and-Pop shops—have experienced new life because of the pandemic. They had more new paddlers and enthusiasts come into their shops than they’ve had in years. Having healthy specialty shops is very good for the longevity of an industry. They’re the backbone of education, training and service.

    We also saw a shift in consumers wanting to shop online more, especially when their local retailers were still closed or if these shops didn’t have the desired paddles in stock. Many of these consumers are going directly to the brands with their questions.

    Taken from an Aquabound blog, read the entire article at 

  • 2021-07-04 12:48 PM | Website Admin3 (Administrator)

    Construction may still have a year and a half to go, but the partners behind an upcoming whitewater park say that based on the progress so far, they are excited about its future.

    “It doesn’t look like it yet, but wait till it’s finished. This will be a world-class attraction,” said Ed Fite, GRDA vice president for rivers operations and water quality, who joined other project officials Tuesday for a tour of the WOKA Whitewater Park site.

    “It’ll be in the top 10 (whitewater parks nationwide), probably in the top five. It’ll be that good,” Fite said.

    The park, located on the upper Illinois River near Watts on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border, broke ground last fall and is expected to open by spring 2023.

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  • 2021-07-04 12:45 PM | Website Admin3 (Administrator)

    The Carpentersville Dam on the Fox River is slated for removal in 2022, a move that state and local officials say will have a big effect on the river’s biodiversity and safety.

    According to the IDNR, 34 dams have been removed or altered on the Fox, Des Plaines, Kankakee, Chicago and DuPage rivers and their tributaries since 2003. Seven new removal/remodification projects are in the works, including the one in Carpentersville, and are to be completed between 2020 and 2022,officials said.

  • 2016-04-02 6:26 PM | Admin1 (Administrator)

    Hosted by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. 

    Experienced paddlers, bring your canoe or kayak and celebrate the legacy of canoe legend Ralph Frese by paddling down the Chicago River from Willow Rd. Dam in Northfield to Linne Woods in Morton Grove.

    A shuttle bus will be provided and will run from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm from Linne Woods (Dempster St. and Ferris Ave) to Willow Rd. Dam.The event is free and concludes with a celebration at Linne Woods where refreshments will be served.  For more information call 312-533-5751 or go to the FPDCC site.  To register, follow this link to eventbrite.

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