Prairie State Canoeists

A Northeast Illinois Canoe and Kayak Club

50 Mile Challenge

In 2021 we are celebrating our 50th year of paddling.

So join the celebration by taking this challenge:

Paddle five (5) official PSC river trips this year.

Each river trip counts for 10 miles.

That’s only 5 river paddle trips!

Prizes, awards and recognition will be yours.

You can do it!

(Note: Lakes, quarry trips, classes, coach trips, clean-ups or other activities will not count toward the 50 miles).

We will keep track of your miles and post the list of 50 Mile Paddlers on the website. Stay tuned for your reward.

Challenge Finishers!

Congratulations to the following for completing the 50 mile challenge to date.

There is still time to get your name listed, just participate in some PSC trips this year.

Susan Allman
David Erickson
Don Gray
Linda Oster
Scott Seifrid

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