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  • St. Patrick's Day Chicago River Paddle

St. Patrick's Day Chicago River Paddle

  • 2021-03-13
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Chicago River, South Branch


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Date:  March 13, 2021  
 Keith McClow 
Location:  Chicago River, South Branch
Skill Level:  Advanced
Details:  This trip is for advanced paddlers in a fun, yet challenging environment.

We will meet at a location two miles south of downtown along the Chicago River's south branch. After assessing and discussing personal readiness, our group will travel up the river to the Main Stem where we will encounter boat traffic while the river is dyed green.

This is a cold water trip in an environment with very few accessible bailout options. There is no opportunity to exit your boat to the shore during this trip. For your safety and the safety of all others on the trip, all participants must dress for immersion (drysuits preferred, wetsuits at a minimum) and be prepared for travel in tight quarters with significant recreational and commercial boat traffic. No cotton clothing for any layers. You must bring a dump bag with a full change of clothes.

All boats must have adequate bow and stern flotation. Please note that recreational kayaks without either sealed bulkheads at the bow and stern or inflated float bags will not be adequate and will not be allowed to join the trip.

All participants must have the ability to self-rescue without the support of others.  

The launch and landing are challenging and may be strenuous. We will launch from a dock with the boat being significantly below the level of the dock. Participants will need to maneuver from the dock edge into their boat and pull themselves up to the dock when exiting.

We will park and launch from a casual restaurant. It is customary to make a purchase from the establishment and enjoy post-paddle conversation with your friends following the trip. Please be prepared to join us.

Please note:

  • PSC always takes appropriate precautions for your safety. PSC cannot guarantee the elimination of risk of contracting or being exposed to Coronavirus. You are joining this trip at your own risk.

  • Participants must make their own decisions about joining trips involving a car shift. Participants will be responsible for making their own arrangements for car shifts.  PSC trip leaders will not arrange shuttles for trips at this time.

  • To participate in a PSC trip, you must be able to answer each of the following questions NO on the day of the trip. If any answers are YES, as a courtesy please notify the Trip Leader that you will not be attending. Please ask yourself each of these questions prior to leaving your home:

    • Have you been in contact with anyone having or suspected of having Covid-19 in the past 15 days?

    • Do you feel sick?

    • Do you have any of the following symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headaches, sore throat, loss of taste or smell)?

    • Do you have a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit?

    • Do you have any pre-existing conditions that place you in a high-risk category for severe illness?

  • Masks must be worn when social distancing is not possible

  • Participants must bring their own supplies to maintain proper hygiene, including hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% alcohol content

  • Group members are not to share or touch each other’s equipment, with exception of bow and stern toggles/handles to assist with launching and landing (excluding members of the same family)

  • Participants are not permitted to share food or drink during the trip (excluding members of the same family)

  • Restroom facilities may not be available during the trip. Please use the restroom prior to arriving at the trip and bring any personal supplies needed during the trip.

  • When considering joining a trip, please consider your personal skills relative to the trip. For the courtesy and safety of all parties, please select only trips well below your personal skill limit.

  • It is recommended that all participants have the ability to perform a self-rescue by either moving to shore or performing a solo deep water rescue. 

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