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Week 1 Statistics for Prairie State Canoeists' new website

2016-03-06 8:14 AM | Admin1 (Administrator)

In case you were wondering....

Here's what the first week looked like for the new website...

Prairie State Canoeists 

Well....the move to the NEW 'WildApricot Membership Management' web presence went EXTREMELY WELL!  

On Friday, February 19, 2016 at 5:00 PM we had the URL for switched to point to the new location and made the final changes for PayPal. It took a couple of hours for everything to complete the transition and the system started sending automated messages overnight.  

During the week before, we had imported 290 members and manually added 36 trips that had been on the previous site.  

Members were already using the new site before the notice went out to all members via the email feature on the website on Sunday evening. Another targeted email was sent to 49 members who were Lapsed (expired) when the membership list was imported.  This contained details on how to go online and pay their dues since the system missed the 60 day window for sending the automated notices.

Next items...are get the Blogs up and running, update the older content and add more pictures!  We will also be getting the new pages completed and send out a notice to members to GO VOTE on the WildApricot's website for them to deploy the ability for members to create their own events directly!

We are fine-tuning our formatting and processes but most of the Administrators and Coordinators have been trained and are actively working...WHAT A TEAM!!!!!

Web Administrators:  Sherri Graham, Milt Levenberg and Gail Anton
Event Coordinators:  Darrel Grove, Larry Jacklin, John Ziegler, Dave and Regina Watts
Membership Coordinator:  Regina Watts
Finance Coordinator:  Margy Levenberg
Instruction Coordinator:  John Chase
News Coordinator:  Bill Kessler

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions... please contact the AdminTeam!

The activity on the site is AWESOME to watch! 

  • 14 Memberships have paid their dues online already!
  • 6 Lapsed Members who were not part of the initial import, found us and signed up online (after not paying dues for 1-14 years!) 
  • 2 Regular Renewals were completed and paid on the website
  • 3 Regular Renewals were initiated online and completed manually by mailing a check
  • 1 New Member application processed and paid online
  • 10 Pending Renewals (system generated reminders/invoices)
  • People have been using the 'Contact Member' via the directory feature to send test emails
  • Members have used the 'Add An Event!' Forum to create over 20 trips to the site since going live!
  • 12 people Registered for the February Social Event between Tuesday and Friday after the mass e-mail was sent out. 

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