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PSC Shuttle Idea: By bicycle

  • 2020-06-27 4:38 PM
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    Bicycle shuttles are an option for some people. My guess is that not everyone has a bike and/or rides enough to feel comfortable using it to shuttle. The other challenge is to find a suitable route for the shuttle. Some places you might be able to use bike trails, but other trips would require you to ride along the roads. And then you either have to feel comfortable enough to leave  your bike locked up at the put in or you need to disassemble it and carry it in your canoe. Kayakers are probably out of luck for that option.

  • 2020-06-26 8:12 AM
    Message # 9061951

    This idea simply takes current PSC shuttle practice and replaces vehicle shuttle with bicycles.

    No, one driver doesn't carry 3 additional adults on their bicycle back to the put-in !  :)

    Instead, every driver also brings a bicycle.   Drivers take their cars (with bicycles) to take-out and every one bicycles back to put-in (where PSC members would have to lock their bicycles).

    Additional requirement:  At least one party needs to have 2 people so one adult can stay back and watch (guard) all the kayaks at the put-in while everyone else shuttles themselves back to put-in.

    This would work well on multiple sections of the:  West DuPage River and Fox River.   It might even work on the Kishwaukee River (but there would have to be a lot of trees to lock bicycles up at).

    Any other ideas on what rivers this could work on?

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