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Shuttle by bicycle Nippersink Creek: How to petition MCC District to Open Service road to bicyclists?

  • 2020-06-26 8:05 AM
    Message # 9061930

    Is this something the PSC could advocate with McHenry County Conservation District?

    BACKGROUND:   In May & June 2020, our family twice kayaked down the Nippersink Canoe Trail through Glacier Park (owned by McHenry County Conservation District).   We had to have two (2) vehicles because we couldn't shuttle ourselves on bicycle between the Keystone Landing Put-In and Pioneer Landing Take-Out.  Each landing had double to triple (2x's-3x's) the vehicles parked that each landing parking lot could handle.

    PROBLEM/ISSUE:  There are paved parking lots at the put-in and take-out, but they are small.  As a result, each landing had double to triple (2x's-3x's) the vehicles parked that each landing parking lot could handle.  Not only do cars parked outside designated parking spots, but excess vehicles are parked on steep and soft shoulders outside the landings' parking lots on the public roads.

    PROPOSED MITIGATING SOLUTION:  One would think the McHenry County Conservation District would allow canoeists/kayakers to shuttle themselves by bicycle along the Service Road through Glacier Park, but the Service Road is closed to the public. (Bicycles are prohibited in Glacier Park).

    BENEFITS:  If the MCC District simply opened the road to bicycles used by canoeists/kayakers, then MCC District could:
    - REDUCE Use of Vehicles, Congestion & Polluting Emissions at MCC District parking lots
    - REDUCE need for Capital Budget to Expand Canoe Landing Parking Lots
    - PROMOTE the Use of Green Transportation (Bicycles)
    - PROMOTE the Use of the Nippersink Canoe Trail

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